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Loveisloveislove's ("LLL") mandate is support progressive rights through the production and publication of empathetic LGBTQ+ content. We broadly divide our mandate into two distinct, but related, halves.


One half of our mandate is concerned with supporting the LGBTQ+ community by celebrating, recognizing, and validating interpersonal relationships within the community. We take it as self-evident that there are significant psychological benefits to this. We also recognize that mass cultural depictions of LGBTQ+ relationships tend to be either entirely aromantic/asexual, or hyper-sexualized. While there is nothing inherently wrong with either of these two kinds of depictions, it's problematic when they jointly monopolize depictions of the LGBTQ+ community. LoveisLoveisLove then fills an important gap by depicting positive and romantic, but not necessarily sex-oriented, depictions of LGBTQ+ relationships. In doing this, we help bring recognition to the full diversity of the community's experiences.

LoveisLoveisLove also supports LGBTQ+ rights by trying, to the extent that we can, to broaden the base of support for these rights. We believe that sustainable political progress is rooted in inter-communal empathy. In order for our rights to be truly secure, society needs to see LGBTQ+ people as just that: people. While significant progress has been made in this respect, that progress has been unequally distributed. We therefore focus on getting our content seen by a broad cross-section of society, with a focus on getting our content in areas where LGBTQ+ acceptance is not where it could be. This means, for example, a strategic focus on producing art installations in inner-suburban neighbourhoods. We design our content to be non-aggressive and gentle, with the belief that this approach is less likely to provoke defensive reactions. We want to help people begin to challenge their assumptions about the LGBTQ+ community and start them on the path towards becoming allies.




Select Radio Interviews

Viewpoints #LLL Feature, 2017 - iHeartRadio, Nationally Syndicated Show
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#LLL at Montreal Pride, 2017 - CJAD 800 AM, Montreal
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#LLL at Ottawa Capital Pride, 2017 - CHUO 89.1FM, Ottawa
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Print + Online Features


- June 2018 -

"Scarborough just got its

own version of the Toronto


Original Link | PDF Version


- June 2018 -

"Pride Month begins with

1,000-square-foot art

installation at city hall"

Original Link | PDF Version

Toronto Star

- June 2018 -

"Scarborough now has its

own mobile and artistic


Original Link | PDF Version

 NOW Magazine

- June 2018 -

"Scarborough gets its

own city name sign"

Original Link | PDF Version

Ottawa Citizen

- August 2016 -

"#loveisloveislove project

coming to Ottawa

for Capital Pride"

Original Link | PDF Version

- June 2017 -


project returning to

Toronto's Pride festival"

Original Link | PDF Version

Ottawa Sun

- August 2016 -

"Photographer hopes #loveisloveislove project will help combat homophobia in Canada"

Original Link | PDF Version

Daily Hive

- June 2018 -

"Scarborough just got

its own Toronto sign"


Original Link | PDF Version

- June 2016 -

"Love is love is love photography

project combats fear and trauma

of Orlando mass shooting..."

Original Link | PDF Version




Adam Zivo is a Toronto-based content producer, with a speciality in photography and video production. Adam's past clients include America's Next Top Model, Intercontinental Hotel Group, Bell Media, Flixel, and Cutler and Gross. Adam has produced content all over the globe, including New York, Los Angeles, Hong Kong, Mumbai, and Milan. His work has previously been exhibited at the legendary Gladstone Hotel, as part of the 10x10 Project.


Adam also acts as a Junior Research Analyst for the NATO Association of Canada, specializing in cyber and information warfare, and is beginning a collaborative masters at the Munk School of Public Policy and International Affairs, with a specialization in contemporary East Asia.



Karthy Chin is a Toronto-based theatre director and arts administrator. Recent credits include The Rape of Lucrece (Paprika Festival), Spring Moon (Mixed Company Theatre), and Objects Lie on a Table (Justina M. Barnicke Gallery). She has assistant directed several shows as well, including Hadestown's pre-broadway Canadian premiere in Edmonton. Last season, she was a part of the Factory Foreman program and Paprika's Director's Lab. As an administrator, she has worked with TIFF and the Luminato Festival, acting as the volunteer coordinator for the latter.

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