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LoveisLoveisLove partners with Pride Festivals to produce professional photo booths (also known as "activations"). The public is invited to drop by these activations with a friend or partner and be photographed interpreting the theme "love is love". The photos are then posted on our social media, where they can be freely shared and used. We run a contest for every activation, where the duos in the most popular photos are awarded prizes, donated by our sponsors. The purpose of these activations is to make our campaign accessible, while flooding social media with positive images of LGBTQ+ interpersonal relationships. Anyone should be able to get a LoveisLoveisLove-style photo. The community benefits from seeing positive depictions of its members.

Since launching in 2016, LoveisLoveisLove has activated in Toronto, Ottawa, and Montreal. Our cumulative digital reach is 370,000+ people organically reached via our social media. 

Pride Festivals interested in hosting a #LOVEISLOVEISLOVE activation should contact or use the contact form on this website.

Pride Partnerships



We use our massive archive of content to produce public art installations. These installations help feel LGBTQ+ people feel represented, recognized, and validated. As part of the public realm, these installations also engage with a wide cross-section of society. This allows us to engage with people who may not understand or be comfortable with LGBTQ+ issues. We use these installations to help these people reevaluate their assumptions about the community, and aim to help them start their journey towards becoming allies of LGBTQ+ rights.

In general, we try to target neighbourhoods anvd spaces where LGBTQ+ acceptance is not as established as it could be. In practice, this means a strategic focus on suburban neighbourhoods.

2018 Toronto

City Hall Installation

We installed a series of twelve banners, each at 6 feet by 15 feet, in the rotunda of Toronto City Hall. Totalling 1,000 square feet of content, this installation was one of the largest of its kind ever produced in this space.

The banners were launched on June 1st, to mark the beginning of Toronto's Pride Month. Their launch included a visit from Mayor John Tory, who spoke about the importance of the project. The banners hung in the rotunda for the entirety of June. 


As of now, a tour is being organized in which the banners will be installed in other locations throughout Toronto, with a focus on suburban civic spaces.

The City Hall Banners were produced through the generous support of Meridian Credit Union, the Church-Wellesley Village BIA, and Mr. Printer and Mr. Signs.

2018 Scarborough

Sign Project

Our community partner, Scarborough Arts, produced a "Scarborough" sign, modelled after the popular downtown "Toronto" sign, which they then clad in LoveisLoveisLove content.

The sign was launched at the University of Toronto Scarborough Campus, and will tour various Scarberian neighbourhoods throughout the summer of 2018 as part of the Cultural Hotspot Festival. In doing so, it will bring visibility to LGBTQ+ people in suburban neighbourhoods.

The sign was popularly received by both the communities it activated in, and by the local press.

2018 Toronto

City Hall Installation

LoveisLoveisLove took over a storefront in the heart of Toronto's Gay Village for a month-long installation. Exhibited for the entirety of June, the activation featured a series of photos that almost exclusively pulled from our Toronto activations, meaning that community members could engage with content featuring their friends and family.


The activation was amplified by the inclusion of light fixtures donated by Amped and Co.

Art Installations



LoveisLoveisLove partners with brands to help them reach their LGBTQ+ engagement goals. We use our partnerships to create revenue that we can invest back into the community.

Peace Collective

Pride-Themed Clothing Line

In 2018, Peace Collective, an iconic Canadian clothing brand, partnered with LoveisLoveisLove for their limited edition, Pride-themed clothing line. 15% of the revenue from this line went towards beginning a scholarship fund for LGBTQ+ students going into STEM fields. The impetus behind the fund is that that support for LGBTQ+ people in STEM may not be as robust as it could or should be, particularly relative to support seen in the arts.

LoveisLoveisLove supported this partnership by producing custom content which synthesized our brand with the product line. Peace Collective quickly sold out of its line.

Brand Partnerships
Organizational Partnerships



LoveisLoveisLove works with various organizations to amplify their engagement of the LGBTQ+ community.

Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) +

NATO Association of Canada (NAOC)

LoveisLoveisLove worked with the CAF to shoot a social media campaign featuring LGBTQ+ servicepeople. This initiative, which formally launches in August, is a historic step in Canada's military with respect to recognizing and supporting its LGBTQ+ members.

We also worked with the CAF and NAOC on Pridefully Serving. Pridefully Serving is an annual roundtable which focuses on LGBTQ+ experiences in the military. The event was launched in 2017, partially in response to Canada's new national defence policy, which stresses inclusion. For the 2018 edition of Pridefully Serving, LoveisLoveisLove leveraged its content production skills, as well as sponsorship know-how, to amplify the event. We negotiated various sponsorship deals which resulted in a notable increase in the quality of the event relative to the previous year.

Pink Paper Initiative


The Pink Paper initiative is a subproject launched under #LOVEISLOVEISLOVE in 2017. The initiative leverages the project's brand to work with politicians to create content that affirms the importance of LGBTQ+ rights. This usually means photographing politicians in the #LLL signature style, as well as securing a statement generally supporting LGBTQ+ rights domestically and abroad. In 2018 the project plans to expand on The Pink Paper project, and use it to incite further funding into LGBTQ+ community groups.

Since launching, the Pink Paper Project has worked with Toronto City Council, the Ontario Liberal Party, and Ottawa City Council. In Toronto, eighteen councillors came together to sign a joint statement affirming the importance of LGBTQ+ rights, and recognizing the work done by Rainbow Railroad, a non-profit that transports LGBTQ+ individuals out of dangerous regions. This was replicated in Ottawa through a collaboration with Mayor Jim Waton, Deputy Mayor Mark Taylor, and Ottawa's first openly lesbian councilwoman, Catherine McKenney.

In 2017 the Pink Paper Project also secured the endorsement of Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne, along with several of provincial ministers, including Ontario's Minister of Culture and Minister of Education.

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